Andy Fletcher, MM0GYG

I am now fully licensed as MM0GYG. My previous callsigns were 2M0NDI (intermediate) and MM6AAF (foundation). The RSGB Call Book has the MM0GYG call as M0GYG -- I am trying to get this changed.

QSL Information


I was an SWL from the late 1960s until 2009. I had always meant to get a licence, but things like work, a girl, babies, exams and other distractions kept getting in the way. Also, a lot of the fun of amateur radio for me has been building circuits and there are plenty of things to build to keep an SWL busy.

I now work part-time and the babies have grown-up and flit the coop so I have more time. I got my foundation licence (MM6AAF) in October 2009 at the Livingston and District ARS, and my intermediate licence (2M0NDI) in April 2010 at the Cockenzie and Port Seton ARC. I got my Full licence (MM0GYG) in May 2011 also at CPSARC. Thanks go to Bob GM4UYZ and Cambell MM0DXC at CPSARC, and Norman GM1CNH at LDARS for excellent training.

I run an Kenwood TS-590S. My main antenna is a small transmitting loop. For bands I can't tune on the loop I use an end-fed about 26m long. Both are about 12m up -- the loop is in the attic, the end-fed is draped over the roof. Unfortunately there are no suitable trees to use. On 6m I use a 3-element beam made from coax stapled to the attic roof, fed by a gamma match. I often run CW or some digimode and am a member of the G-QRP Club-- thanks to all at the club for being so friendly and helpful. I'm also a member of the European PSK Club. See Digital Modes in the sidebar for how I make QSOs in these modes.

I've recently been using SSB more often as the (newer) loop causes little RFI in the shack and running 100W is possible. I welcome any audio reports as I'm new to voice QSOs.

My home-brew 40m CW transmitter is sometimes on the air at about 7.030 (and hopefully nowhere else hi hi). The tx puts out about 2W, when the PA hasn't gone up in smoke! The transmitter is based on the "A First Transmitter" design in the "Experimental Methods in RF Design" (EMRFD) book by Wes W7ZOI, Rick KK7B and Bob W7PUA which I recommend -- it's a really good read.

Thanks for your interest and I hope to meet you further down the log.